Getting the Best of Cybersecurity with OneLogin

February 14th, 2018

OneLogin is a company that offers excellent services for cybersecurity and business operations via cloud systems. This company also provides Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems to established brands like Pinterest, Ferrer & Co. and Consort Medicine. OneLogin solutions feature secure profile access protocols for all users, and it is also easy to integrate company directories with those of OneLogin in the cloud.

In addition, OneLogin solutions also feature adaptive authentication where the system uses machine-learning features to identify a threat even before they are given access to the building of the company. On the other hand, this feature helps to save time for the IT department because it provides alternative multi-factor authentication for employees that have lost their primary authentication pass.

With the increasing change in technology, most companies are finding it important to have their systems accessible when employees are on the move. That way, employees are not only able to keep up with current happenings in the company but also work in between transits. As such, firms are looking for technological solutions that could provide basic platforms to work on as office spaces virtually. With regards to this challenge, OneLogin has provided several integrated systems within its solutions. Some of these programs include Office 365, SAP and G Suite. In addition, OneLogin has made its platform easy-to-use for enterprises in different levels, including small and medium businesses.

Traditional identity management is highly associated with skyrocketing costs. This is because resetting passwords leads to complicated app rollouts, overly complex management systems and several disparate directories. To make it easier for everyone, this cost could be cut down by outsourcing these services to a company like OneLogin. Besides, identify solutions are meant to scale the business agility, make it favorable for user populations to access the systems and diversify the system with the simplicity of use for the employees.

OneLogin has some of the best experts in the cloud technology and cybersecurity. These experts are able to analyze the trends in the market and provide guidance to their clients on the proper package to invest in for their company. As part of OneLogin’s agenda to build on its agenda, the company has been able to increase its client base on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Software as a Service (SaaS) features.

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