George W. Bush Is Father Of The Year

June 19th, 2015

Bush Was Honored At The Annual Father Of The Year Awards luncheon In New York

People may call George W. Bush a bad president, but they can’t call him a bad father. Bush was honored in New York recently as a “Father of the Year.” Two other men were also given that title at the 74th Annual Father of the Year Awards luncheon. Bush talked about his father, and what great dad he was when he accepted the award. George’s daughter Barbara presented her dad with the award.

According to Ivan Ong, kids everywhere recognize their dads this time of year. They don’t need a luncheon or a plague to honor the man that stood by them through the good and the bad. Fathers don’t want awards. They know the job never ends, and they never want it to end. Being a dad is the award. Kids are the prize and the challenge. Dads accept both those gifts with love and pride.

George W. Bush is a father that appreciates his family, and that is a measure of unity. Without the family, there would be no political or social rewards.

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