George Soros China Experiencing 2 Year Affluence Just Like The US In 2005 And 2006

April 29th, 2016

Leaders from China think that Soros is not right about the country experiencing global recession; Soros, however, supports his point by saying that despite the affluence that China is experiencing now there is about to be a crisis. The first two years of crisis on are all affluence and might be ignored but are similar to the global recession of the United States which was not evident in the two years before the crisis. However stability is a great sign of the recession happening; Chinas banks are experiencing instability; some are surviving from other banks loans whereas others are delivering more money to borrowers than they are receiving from depositors. This problem can be deferred for two years but after the two years will be already exponentially grown crises similar to that of the Europeans markets in 2008.

China could say that George Soros has made such predictions in the past but is not admitting to the fact that there are problems with decreased assets and increased liabilities in the country. Soros, however, appreciates how China is trying to solve this by creating market interactions with other currencies apart from the dollar. The real estate business on is performing well but to Soros this is just like a parabolic cycle; where past instability problems if left unsolved will lead to major financial problems In the future. China’s Yuan has also not been performing very well in the market. The resurgence in borrowing from the country to George may not augur very well for the future.
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It is easy to agree with Soros considering his long-term experience in the investment world. His writing furthermore has been very useful for many global investors. George Soros has an art in detecting the progress of the European market commodity trade; Soros Fund Management has been performing very well in the commodity market and as a hedge fund. One of his advice to investors is avoiding independent investing; whereby investors do not check the performance of other investors in the market. In his opinion it is wise to follow the heard; so when sinking you don’t sink alone.

After the Berlin war, Soros-founded Central European University on to help youths in understanding critical thinking. He has also been a great philanthropist with his Open Society Foundations which has over time been a great platform to help countries shift from communism. Now, the Open Society Foundations is a great player in promoting democracy, human rights respect and discouraging the ownership of truth by ruling governments. His foundation has also facilitated education for youths on to avoid radicalization into terror groups. Also, the scholarships have been through to South Africa to help curb the apartheid rule by the government. As a philanthropist and an independent thinker, Soros has been a major player in investment and the political transformation world.

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