FreedomPop – Saving Users Added Stress And Money

July 29th, 2015

It’s no secret that everywhere you look, someone is on their cell phone. Cell phones have become an integral part in peoples daily lives. It’s what the vast majority of people rely on to communicate, to do work, to gather information, and to just keep in the loop via Social Media. Without a cell phone, a person might be lost. All of these things that we use our cell phones for would not be possible without mobile wireless services.

We rely on mobile wireless to get all this information that we need. If we are in an unfamiliar place and we need directions home quickly – we rely on our mobile wireless to connect us to that and get us the information that we need. If we need to send an all important work email, we again rely on our mobile wireless to get us through that step.

Hotspots come in handy. This is where you can connect to an internet service and not have to worry about using up your data or not having a connection. Hotspots allow you to quickly and easily browse the web on your cell phone simply by connecting. If a hot spot is not available, a user must use their own data plan. Data plans are sometimes hard to keep track of. It’s very rare that a person has unlimited data and therefore they have to be careful that they don’t rely on their cell phones data plan too much. Going over the data that a person is allocated each month will result in heavy fines. There is a solution between spending too much money on a data plan and constantly searching for a hot spot, however. It’s called FreedomPop.

FreedomPop is offering free basic cellular data plans. This is great for those who are constantly spending way more money on data than they should. So many people rely on their data because they know that they’re not always around places where they can connect to wireless. It doesn’t stop there. FreedomPop is now taking their services a step further. They are now launching a low cost WiFi service. This is a huge deal. Often times when people are trying to connect to wireless they have to pay a fee. It may not seem like much at the time, a few bucks here and there, but boy does it add up! This is especially true if you constantly need to connect to various hotspots.

With FreedomPop, a user has the option to get unlimited use of 10 million hotspots across the united states. Get this – it’s only 5 bucks as well! One of the best aspects of this is that FreedomPop will automatically sign you onto these hotspots. That means, you never have to worry about forgetting and eating up your data plan. FreedomPop is the smart choice that will save wireless users lots of money, stress, and grief in the long run!

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