Frans Schoeman Explains Why Bigger Isn’t Better In The Professional World

September 25th, 2015

Frans Schoeman of ireport.cnn is the Director of Phatsima Diamond, a law firm based in Bellville, South Africa. He is also an attorney at Joubert Schoeman Attorneys. In this place, he works with partner Helene Joubert. Together, the two have three and a half decades of experience and have always believed in the philosophy of “bigger is not better”. In fact, this philosophy can be applied to various other law firms all over the world as well. In the professional world, the size of the firm matters less than what the firm actually has to offer. Even in the corporate world, if Warren Buffett was to start a sole proprietorship offering investment advice, people would still flock to him because of his reputation, irrespective of the lack of partners in his firm.

Here, Frans Schoeman explains why the philosophy of “bigger is better” does not apply to the professional world, particularly attorneys and law firms –

Quality Is More Important – In a world obsessed with quantity, Frans Schoeman is a welcome exception who has genuinely proved that nothing can beat or even match quality. For instance, despite Joubert Schoeman Attorneys having only two senior partners, the firm has done pretty well. Their lawsuits and arbitrations have reached millions of rand and the biggest one was around R120 million. This has been achieved by focussing on the quality of their services. This is the advice Frans Schoeman offers to all other firms and professions out there – quantity can be achieved but quality can never be fabricated.

Growth Is Best When It Is Planned – Simply because Frans Schoeman believes that bigger isn’t better doesn’t mean that he is against growth. In fact, he is a strong supporter of growth and development in professional firms. However, he also stresses on the fact that when people stop running after the size of things, they are more able to focus on the things that are important – efficiency and productivity. In this way, when growth does finally arrive, as it will, it is planned and strategic. All the resources are utilized because the firm is ready for growth.

Specialization Yields Great Returns – Frans Schoeman has always been a fan of specialization and for good reason too. In his law firm, for instance, both the senior partners have their respective areas of specialization and because of this, the firm has benefited and so have the clients. Specialization has ensured that the best possible people who are appropriately qualified for a case or arbitration are working on it. Because of this amazing approach, Frans Schoeman himself has achieved much success in his professional life. The long term returns of specialization focussed practice are unmatched and Frans Schoeman wants young professionals to inculcate this approach in their life.

It is because of these principles that Frans Schoeman has done so well in his life. His long career spanning over 21 years has been full of both high profile cases and little endeavors that impacted the world. Thanks to his strong mindset, Frans Schoeman has experienced both professional and personal success.

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