Financial Leader, CEO of Davos

July 11th, 2016

David Osio is an experienced banking lawyer who has worked in various industries for many years. The application of his skill and wits has helped various organizations rise from troubled management to success.

Early Life

Osio graduated from the leading university in Latin America and Venezuela. While in Catholic University, he studied an advanced management program and specialized in International Banking Law. His career was launched in 1981 when he was appointed CEO of OPED Enterprise. There, he was responsible for coffee export programs. Additionally, he held other positions. At LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES, he was in charge of coming up with the appropriate marketing structure for the US market.

It was until 1984 that he decided to join Banking law and start the new career. David Osio joined MGO in Caracas and was responsible for handling corporate clients such as Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. With the experience and deep understanding of banking law, he later came to Banco Latino International. He held a leading position in the Private Banking Division. Less than two years in BLI Miami, he was appointed Vice President of Banking Commercial. While in the position, customer portfolio increased substantially, and the bank gained excellent stability while beating the competition with ease.

Davos Financial Group

Nine years after he joined MGO, he decided to venture into his own business and impart the skill he had acquired in the business world. In 1993, he started Davos Financial Group, the first company that provides financial advice in Venezuela. They provided services to a unique clientele. Since then, he has acted as CEO and has increased the income of the business. Also, he has expanded and strengthened the business in a short period. In the same spirit, he has grown the business and created various licensed companies in other cities which include; New York, Miami, Geneva, and Panama. Currently, each of his licensed companies offers advice to banks. It has created a highly competitive platform which is equally diversified.

Corporate Social Responsibility

His companies have played their part in executing their social responsibility. They work in close collaboration with non-governmental organizations in communities that are in need of understanding their art and culture. He has supported various cultural events in his career. In Miami, he was part of the board of Miami Symphony Orchestra. He also helped Wayuu Taya and the Saludarte Foundation. Besides, he has extended a handle to international foundations such as UMA Foundation, the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation, and the Fundana Foundation.

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