Financial empowerment is key to success

August 11th, 2015

The world of finance has grown to greater lengths in the recent years. This has seen a considerable number of people invest in financial provision and management fields. Finance being the backbone of every countries economic vibrance, states and corporate entities are finding investing greatly in structural and asset development as the key to growth. Further it has necessitated young people to focus on entrepreneurship activities in order to fit in the over growing contemporary market. Kenneth Griffin is the founder of one of the leading financial investment firm in the world. He established citadel group in 1990 with a worth net estimated to be 4.6 million dollars. Over the years the company grew in the field of financial investment field and in 1998 the company was estimated to have net worth of 1billion dollars. Having been born back in 1968 in Daytona beach Florida, Griffins initiative of become an entrepreneur was manifested when he joined the Harvard University in 1986. He was then inspired with an article he read in the Forbes market magazine where he started saving as a freshman with the help of friends and family members. He started a hedge fund which grew to an estimated 265.000 dollars of investment which helped in capital preservation during the stock market crash of 1987. After graduating from the Harvard University with a degree of economics, he was privileged due to his hard work to acquire financial boost from Frank C. Meyer. Meyer was the founder of Gleanwood capital LLC and donated 1 million dollars to Kenneth Griffin to invest in the citadel financial company.
Over the years Citadel’s group of hedge funds has been ranked among the largest and most successful hedge funds in the world. Due to its ability to invest globally, it has seen high rated international media house rate it to be among the best. At a young age of 34 years, Griffins was recognized by a United States of America based magazine as being among the young richest investment entrepreneurs in the world. These achievements have made Griffin to represent different stakeholders in the field of investment when he appeared in seminars and conferences to give lectures on many issues revolving on investment opportunities and how to tap to the ready market. Griffin has also criticized rules and regulations that undermine the development of financial investment opportunities. For instance in 2008, he criticized the risk management practices of Wall Street when he stood firm and said management risk should be dealt with prudently. This is because capital market monopolizes the system while making decisions that undermine the upcoming young entrepreneurs to venture into the market.
With his vast wealth and financial management experience, he has also contributed to philanthropic activities for instance when he donated about $500 million to support various causes in life, including tens of millions to institutions in Chicago. He has donated funds to many charity organizations like educational institution and Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. In February 2014 he donated 150 million dollars to the Harvard University to aid needy undergraduate students.

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