Fabletics, Something for Everyone, No Matter What Your Fitness Level

January 17th, 2018

If you’ve been thinking of ditching the old workout clothes for something a little more fashionable and perhaps, comfortable, you’re in luck. Athleisure will let you do just that, and Fabletics has exactly what you’re looking for. Being inclusive of all different types of fitness levels, gender, shapes and even ages, Fabletics has something for everyone. Those looking for a new look that fits into their lifestyle can take the quiz, which will match them up with the best athleisure at https://www.fabletics.com/get-started. Should you be wanting to hear a little more about athleisure, we’ll be glad to tell you all about Fabletics.


The line has taken the celebrity of Kate Hudson, with a dash of Demi Lovato, and great business minds alike to create a 250 million dollar a year giant. Taking Amazon, the largest apparel retailer around, by the horns, the company has moved into great territory. With Kate Hudson’s fashion taste, designs, and all around great business sense and personality, the face of Fabletics couldn’t be brighter. Demi Lovato was attracted to the brand because of what it stands for, and the great quality the brand offers. She’s recently launched her own line of athleisure with Fabletics.


The company has used the “reverse showroom” technique to highlight its collections. Having many different clothing lines available including shoes, kids, plus sizes, and a men’s line, there’s much to consider. With the showroom in place, customers typically become familiarized with the brand online, they are also able to visit the retail store to see the brand in person. This is great for those who prefer personalized service or are just curious and want to try it before buying it. The conversion rate of customers to monthly subscribers is rather high, far higher than most traditional retailers. Customers are impressed and confident with their purchases from Fabletics. The component of having in-person customer service available also makes many customers choose Fabletics over the competition.


A unique factor of Fabletics is that as previously mentioned, there’s something for everyone, no matter what age or activity level. The personalized quiz will help guide those uncertain of what would look or feel best on them to some great choices. Should the customer decide the chosen clothing is for them, they have a variety of options, so nobody loses out. Again, check out Fabletics, Kate’s picks, Demi’s new line, or choose a unique style yourself at https://www.fabletics.com/get-started.

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