Fabletics: A Marriage Between Artists, Stylists, Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato

May 17th, 2017

In 1992, Demi Lovato was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her career started out as a young budding actress on Barney & Friends. In 2007, she progressed to the Disney Channel in, “As the Bell Rings” and “Sonny with a Chance.” She also was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader.


Her first major movie is “Camp Rock.” She is a successful recording artist with songs like “Skyscraper,” “Cool for the Summer,” and “Heart Attack.” Lovato was a judge on the X Factor USA, from 2012-2013, with Simon Cowell, Reid, and Spears. She returned to acting in 2013 with the musical series Glee.


Her interests have turned to designing activewear, and she found a home, collaborating with Kate Hudson, who co-founded Fabletics in 2013. Fablectics is a subscription-based online business with its emphasis on fitness apparel or “workout” gear. Faletics has over 6 million members, including several million in Europe. Fabletics offers stylish, high-quality sportswear at affordable prices to serve the activewear marketplace. It expanded its services to promote healthy exercises and diet regimes and is referred to as an all-inclusive brand, meaning on-trend styles in sizes women like and feel comfortable wearing.


Fabletics, under Kate Hudson’s vision, is at least a $250 million business. With the changing price conscience economy, high value has taken on new meaning to today’s consumer. Fabletics is conscious that it must offer something different than that of brick and mortar stores. The potential customer will visit Fabletics and then will browse offline to these physical stores. Fabletics subscription service is designed to build consumer loyalty.


Further, consumers are far more service conscious, and it is critical for an online store to provide a “last mile service,” which means the customer expects safe, fast and quality goods sent to the consumer’s home. Fabletics provides that type of service.


Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato met by chance. Hudson asked Lovato to collaborate with her with Fabletics. Demi Lovato, through Fabletics, has increased the value of her brand by making a personal commitment to girls and joined with the United Nations Foundation to promote its Girl Up campaign. The purpose of Girl Up is a movement to empower girls. A symbol of this empowerment is that identified girls are given a bike so they can move safely to and from school.


Hudson supports Lovato’s commitment to the Girl Up campaign. She admires Lovato for this undertaking, and she is impressed that Lovato will bring both a different “energy” to Fabletics and interest in Fabletics from girls. Hudson is excited about the quality and innovation of Lovato’s designs. In particular, Hudson supports Lovato’s design of leggings named “Heart Leggings” with vibrant “pop” colors, which is Hudson’s favorite Lovato design.


Lovato’s said that her designs received inspiration from her “music and lifestyle.” Lovato’s prime interest in Fabletics is that it empowers women. Hudson is convinced that Lovato is a good fit with Faletics which has an honest and leading edge over Fabletics’ competition. Hudson views her collaboration with Lovato as “fitness-meets-fashion.”

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