Expert Pediatrician Dr. Mark Holterman Focuses on Helping Children

February 13th, 2018

Dr. Mark J Holterman is a well revered pediatric surgeon from Wisconsin. He was born to parents that didn’t attend college and were farmers. In high school, Mark excelled in his classes that his teachers recommended he consider applying to Yale University. Despite his parent’s uncertainty, he attended Yale and graduated cum laude with a degree in biology ( After Yale, he attended the University of Virginia where his goal was to become a pediatrician. At the University of Virginia, he met a female resident named Ai-Xuan Le, who was working towards becoming a surgeon. Once he met her, his career course of action changed, and he decided he not only wanted to be a pediatrician but a surgeon too. After years of studying together, they married and continued their residencies and fellowships in various states and even Canada, all while having three sons. Mark graduated with a PhD in Medicine and Immunology in 1988, from the University of Virginia. Throughout his career, Dr. Holterman has received numerous prestigious awards for his research on stem cells, cancer treatments and diabetes. He has written and reviewed many scientific articles and written for textbooks on immunology. He also gives lectures on these topics all over the world. Today, he remains a full-time professor of pediatrics and surgery for the University of Illinois College of Medicine. Dr. Holterman is a pediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois while owning two practices of his own. He is the CEO of the Mariam Global Health investment firm which funds medical businesses. Dr. Holterman also is a co-founder to a charity called Hannah Sunshine Foundation that helps find children who have rare illnesses, treatments and a way to access them. Dr. Holterman has a notable reputation among his patients for being extra caring, friendly, understanding, and listening to parent’s concerns when it comes to their children.


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