Eric Pulier and His Mission

April 26th, 2017

For a continuous push forward to economic growth, a major factor has been the lack of technological advancement in poor regions around the world and the lack of motive to create technological advancement. Over the past several decades and even centuries within certain countries, technological advancement has not occurred in several countries, rather has been a game to catch up to what has already been produced. A major initiative is to promote innovation within developing countries which will be the catalyst to overall economic growth in the word. A driver behind this initiative is an individual known as Eric Pulier who is an expert with not only business, but also with technology. Eric Pulier believes that technology should no longer be excluded and should become a part of the competitive market to be open to all on not only the supply side, but should also be open to individuals on the demand side.


Eric Pulier is full of innovative ideas that are not only attributed to his 20 years of success within the world of business, but is also attributed to his natural talent to combine both innovation and helping others. Eric Pulier is the proud investor, owner, as well as co-owner of over 15 different companies that are dedicated to providing a product that helps others. Eric Pulier wants to make sure that even the poorest region in the world receives the benefits of his hard work. One of the initiatives that Eric Pulier is the most passionate about is the healthcare initiative.


With this money that Eric Pulier has made from his successful businesses, he helped others. One of his top priorities is helping children that have been diagnosed with chronic illnesses. Eric Pulier has even built a platform that allows for children that are stuck in a hospital to communicate with each other. Eric Pulier has built this platform within 70 different hospitals that allows for children to have someone to talk to that is going through the same experience. As a father, Eric Pulier wants to make these children as happy and as comfortable as possible.



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