Eric Pulier Aids CSC In Bringing Cloud Computing To More Companies

December 2nd, 2015

The Cloud has been a major area of growth for technology groups for many years, but a number of business from small to large still maintain physical files and have yet to turn to the digital age. The reputation of the Computer Sciences Corporation has been in place for decades as the company has been the go to for information technology advances across the world. If the mighty Computer Sciences Corporation feel a new technology or service is worth investing in the chances of success for the business are now thought to be greater than ever.

The decision of CSC to purchase the Service Mesh company established by Eric Pulier meant the decision of the Harvard graduate to work in the technology industry had been vindicated. After studying at Harvard in the fields of English and literature, Pulier began taking some classes at nearby MIT to make sure his chances of success in the technology field were increased. After completing his education, Eric Pulier looked to the world of technology to expand his career and provide assistance for those he felt could benefit from his skills. One of the first successes of the resident of Los Angeles was the Starbright World social network that is designed to allow children with severe illnesses to interact with others undergoing similar experiences and problems.

The growth of technology has been avidly followed by Eric Pulier, who came to the notice of Computer Sciences Corporation after forming the Service Mesh company. Pulier quickly found success with his company, which is designed to make the move away from physical hardware and storage to Cloud based systems as simple as possible. After establishing his company, Eric Pulier sold the rights to the service for $260 million and became an executive with Computer Sciences Corporation. The CSC brand is one of the most recognizable in the world and has been awarded many honors by technology groups and government agencies. The move towards Cloud based technologies will soon be all encompassing and will see CSC and the Service Mesh brand establish themselves as leaders in the field.

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