Eric Lefkofsky Helps Doctors Help Patients with Tempus

June 18th, 2017

You have heard of Groupon, Right? What about the name Eric Lefkofsky? If you are not familiar with this name, well he is the founder of Groupon. He began this business well before he started his latest business venture, Tempus. Eric has made himself quite popular by earning more than 1.7 billion dollars from his business ventures. It is with this earning that has helped him to start his latest venture.Tempus is still pretty new in the concept phase however this has not detoured others from using the business. This business is solely aimed at helping those who are at risk or who are in the mist of receiving treatment for cancer. The business uses a 20,000 square foot lab that gathers data and analyzes the data collected to help build a plan to help those who are affected by cancer.

Eric began the business alongside of a large portion of prominent hospitals to help to save lives. For patients, when you hear cancer, your mind immediately starts running to the things that can be helped. Fear overcomes you and all of a sudden, you feel as though you will die tomorrow. With the help of Tempus, this is less likely to happen.Tempus has already worked to help those who are affected by cancer. The data that is collected from the doctors is sent to the lab where people work to analyze all the information collected. Once the information is collected and stored, the information can be looked at by the same doctors who use the software to get answers for their treatment plan.

Eric has focused the majority of his attention recently into making Tempus a success. In 2015, Eric decided to step down from his position of CEO of Groupon in order to focus solely on Tempus. He is still a shareholder in Groupon however he spends the majority of his attention on Tempus.Tempus will be a huge success as more doctors start to use the program and the more doctors that get involved, the more patients that are able to be helped by using the service.

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