Equities First Holdings Australia

November 9th, 2017

Equities First Holdings began in 2002, and they have offices worldwide. For 15 years now, they have been very successful in attracting a plethora of clients and in gaining an enormously talented team of financial industry experts. And now with three locations in Australia, they have been experiencing even more astronomical growth.

Based in Sydney, Equities First Holdings is also located in Melbourne and Perth, Australia. This company recently expanded to Melbourne as of November 2016. Furthermore, they also have an Australian Financial Services License with Reference number- 387079, and their contact information in Australia is Suite 33.01, Chifley Tower, 2 Chifley Square, Sydney, NSW 2000.

Also, they encountered a huge transaction in Sydney in December 2016. This transaction includes providing funds to Environment Clean Technologies Limited (ECH) to develop a huge project in India that will be used in funding a $30 million development and research organization in India.

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