Entrepreneurs and Their Opportunities

December 4th, 2015

As a serial entrepreneur, in his own words on Wikipedia, Brad Reifler has been able to create many different opportunities that were able to function as big profits for him. He was able to start his trading companies out of nothing and grew them from that point on. He did so through his expertise as well as his ability to improve every project that he took on. There are many things that he is able to do and through these things is how he is able to gain his profit. He is a serial entrepreneur, which means that he will constantly take ideas in his head and form them into functioning business models. He tends to stay within the trading field, but has been able to be successful in other areas as well. Bloomberg shows pretty clearly that Brad Reifler is one of the top entrepreneurs in the world who has had great success with a majority of the businesses he has started.

Brad Reifler started out his career as an entrepreneur with the creation of the Reifler Trading Company. He did so out of his love for trading and the expertise that he had for it. There are many things that he was able to do with the company and this made it become very successful. As far as first companies go, this one had a lot more success than other ones because Reifler is an expert in the field of trading and is able to provide his expertise to the businesses that he runs. The company was acquired by Refco.

The next company that he was able to start was Pali Capital. This was a trading company as well. It provided customers an experience on a different medium and it allowed them to be able to gain more profits. While it was providing the clients with a higher profit margin, it was also making a higher profit margin for itself. Brad Reifler was able to make the company a huge success and focused his attentions on moving onto the next idea after Pali reached as far as he thought it would have the potential to do. It gained him an advantage and a high profit margin.

Forefront Capital is the company that Brad Reifler is currently focusing on. He started the company in 2009 and has seen great success with it since that time. He was able to make the company out of yet another idea, continuing in his entrepreneurial patterns. The idea was his own and he was able to sell some of his assets in order to be able to start the company. Since the company began operating, he has increased not only his profits but has been able to buy back the assets he originally used.

Brad is extremely in favor of opening the investment world to everybody.  That includes making opportunities available to the middle class, but also providing free investment tips that literally anybody can use.  That’s what Reifler is all about, and what he’s committed to doing going forward.

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