End Citiznes United Begins Working To Target Its Big Money 20

January 5th, 2018

The season of goodwill may have arrived in December 2017 but for the End Citizens United PAC the fight to end an unfair and unsightly campaign financing system for elections in the U.S. goes on throughout the year. Around Thanksgiving, End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller revealed the “Big Money 20” list of Republican targets the political action committee would be looking to compete with during the 2018 midterm elections and stated they were looking for a move towards unseating many big names with Democrats.

Despite the Holidays arriving and Washington D.C. bringing its year to a close, End Citizens United has used the last days of December 2017 to thrown the financial and political weight it has built up since 2015 to back Democrat Jay Hulings for the 23rd Congressional Seat in Texas; Hulings will be taking on a Republican, Will Hurd, named to the list of 20 politicians seen to have been furthering their own interests over that of their constituents in the view of End Citizens United.

The main aim of End Citizens United is to bring an end to the 2010 Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United which gave billionaire donors and corporations the opportunity to provide almost unlimited funding to political parties and candidates of their choice. Despite only being established in 2015, End Citizens United struck such a chord with the public that the PAC found itself renting out its mailing list to the Presidential campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.

Will Hurd has a number of reasons to be unhappy with his targeting by the End Citizens United PAC which has been testing out different strategies for creating the most successful campaign possible over the course of the 2018 elections; End Citizens United set out to develop a number of different options for encouraging a high turnout in favor of its chosen candidates including creating a campaign message based on the reform of election finances over the typical liberal message of Democrats.

The endorsement of End Citizens United is thought to be a major source of success for the former Federal prosecutor who will be able to share in the backing of the grassroots support of the traditional pack which is expected to reach $35 million by the start of the 2018 election campaigning season. Not only is Jay Hulings open to reforming the election financing system he is also fighting an election against a Republican who has become known for putting the needs of his wealthy donors first; Will Hurd not only voted for the Tax Reform Bill which recently passed Congress but has been known to support each measure introduced by Republicans with an eye on the billionaire donor class.

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