Drew Madden; Changing Lives in the Health Sector

November 19th, 2017

Drew Madden is a successful entrepreneur and an experienced healthcare IT expert. He has vast experience of about a decade in planning, applying and improving electronic health records in hospitals across the United States. He serves as managing partner in Evergreen healthcare partners’ organization. Evergreen healthcare partners provide the health industry with healthcare IT expertise nationwide. The primary role of the company is to provide implementation and advisory services for various HER platforms and also give advanced healthcare technology. Evergreen values and recognizes their business workforce by encouraging them to advance their career as they partner with the business. The private firm works with professional workforce to ensure long-lasting relationship with customers.

Drew Madden studied B.S.E industrial Engineering where he majored in Medical systems at the University of Lowa College of engineering. His first employment was at the University of Lowa where he worked as a student advisor. Madden worked at the institution for four years.

Madden’s healthcare career journey started at Cerner Corporation. At Cerner, he worked as an implementation consultant. He helped with the implementation of clinical solutions in Chicago. In 2006, madden worked at Helthia consulting. He was the principal participant in working to implement quality inpatient applications in Midwest. He diligently worked to help the company get inpatient medical orders and clinical documentation. He also helped the company to get certification in inpatient procedure orders. Drew also worked at Ingenix consulting as a regional sales manager. In 2011 to 2016, Drew worked at Nordic consulting partners Inc. At Nordic, he served as the chairman and president of the company. The company, under the leadership of Madden, received several awards recognizing his consulting excellence. There was a substantial growth in the company during his managing period. The business significantly grew to a 725 employee firm. He managed to raise the company from a three client business to 150 partners and increased its revenue by $130,000,000 during his reign at the firm.

At Evergreen, Drew Madden works diligently to ensure that his work personnel and customers feel empowered to achieve more. He works tirelessly to ensure maximum healthcare IT investments and providing quality services that match the client’s expectations.

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