Dr. Jorge Moll, a Successful Philanthorpist and Scientist

February 7th, 2018

As a research fellow at the NIH (National Institute of Health), Dr. Jorge Moll aided in discovering the parts of the brain for decision making when it comes to being charitable and moral. To recap his early work, they found that the decision to make charitable donations is not made only in the higher thinking brain, refer to idor.org.br. The idea of benevolence, actually activates the mesolimbic reward system. This is the same area we derive our drives for food, sex, drugs and money. This groundbreaking research shows that altruism is hardwired into the human brain.

Jorge Moll, has taken all of this one step further and donated an ultimate gift to his home country of Brazil, see here. When he founded the not for profit, D’Or Institute of Research and Education, in Rio de Janiero. Classes and extensive research are completed here, in a modern well equipped facility for bench and clinical research.

Jorge Moll attended the Federal University of Rio, where he earned an MD in neuroscience. From here, a PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology from Sao Paulo University. After attaining these prestigious degrees, he then was awarded a highly coveted fellowship at the NIH in the US. It was here that Jorge Moll published his work on how the brain functions when taking moral decisions. His last paper in Scientific Reports, is titled “Neural base on ingroup altruistic motivation in Soccer fans.”

He created the Institute not only to give back, but to progress his research, as it is a relatively new field as far as science is concerned. In pioneering a new field of medicine, Jorge Moll has a great opportunity to bring up many new scientists working on different aspects of the morality decision making concept in the brain. Jorge Moll saw a problem, that quality of life can be greatly hindered by not parsed out mental conditions. Now he is working in full force to get these problems solved.

Dr. Jorge Moll is a great philanthropist, scientist and family man. he stands to serve the world well from the position he is in.


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