Dr. Daniel Amen Uses the Mind & Spirit To Reduce the Belly Fat

February 5th, 2015

Mind Over Matter
We’ve all heard that old adage mind over matter, but have you ever thought of the complexities involved in such a statement? According to Daniel Amen, MD our brains can be fooled into a healthy lifestyle. As a clinical neurosciencentist, pioneer of the use of SPECT scans, and an award winning Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatry Association, Amen has another angle to getting healthy.

Our brains have been scanned and the truth is out: the food we eat impacts our bodies in one of two ways. What we put in our mouths is either good for the brain or bad for the brain. This news is nothing we weren’t aware of, however, we are great at ignoring this fact. According to the doctor, healthy eating habits can not be accomplished without first telling yourself that you can do this.

Who said Oranges were Good and Pork Roll was Bad?
According to this TED talks host and author we’ve got it all wrong. Our bodies need a certain amount of healthy fats, vitamins, water and good brain food. The key is to keep it simple. If you are eating pork roll like there’s no tomorrow then you are probably not the epitome of health. The same goes for a diet that is filled with only oranges.

The Daniel Plan is a diet and exercise program that gives you support on a spiritual level. Put together with the help of Gods Word, the seeker of good health is taught that no major changes in our lives happens without the endless love and energy that a higher power can give us.

A Holistic Plan
After treating depression, doing brain scans in the thousands and reaching out to help those make the change for better brain health, Dr. Amen made an important decision on how to proceed with his dieting plan. His decision to partner with Pastor Rick Warren and Dr. Mark Hyman to write a plan for your spiritual well-being as well as the physical made perfect sense.

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  1. Leah Jadiel says:

    We simply can not separate ourselves from our spiritual side anymore than we can give our right side more credit than our left side. Moderation and variety is the key to a healthy brain and body. But don’t go it alone. It has to be exactly what http://www.surfessay.com has had to say with regards to all of this which might not be far from the truth too.

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