Dr. Clay Siegall Outstanding Push For Better Cancer Treatment

May 12th, 2017

Driven by the desire to provide improved cancer remedies, Dr. Clay Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. The biotech firm started as a fledgling startup with a few researchers and narrow resources. With Siegall’s unyielding zeal to make the company a global brand, Seattle Genetics rose to become a leader in the cancer research and drug development space. Today, the firm is known to have developed more than 20 drugs that have changed the way cancer patients are handled. Dr. Siegall holds crucial patents, some of which have earned his company strategic partnerships that draw in huge revenues annually.


To get rid of retrogressive cancer treatment approaches, Siegall focused on proving the effectiveness of targeted therapies. During his stint at the University of Maryland, Clay developed a great interest in medicine. Later, he realized that the potential of modern technology could be harnessed to provide drugs and solutions that would improve the lives of afflicted patients. After an unbearable experience of his father who was undergoing chemotherapy, Siegall decided it was time to try out innovative medical interventions. During the baby step period, it wasn’t easy to get noticed. Siegall wanted to call the shots with drug research projects, patents, and the revenue generation. With such motivation, there was no looking back with Seattle Genetics.


As a research and drug development entity, Seattle Genetics needed funding to thrive. Siegall had to ensure that their products got approval by the FDA and that all was set to start raking in profits. The firm’s proprietary licenses for technology presented a good source of revenues, and so was the firm’s IPO. The firm has a solid sales team backed by a deep-seated background in the biotech industry. Siegall and his sales staff helped bring in the revenue since they had a clear understanding of the products and the market.


Dr. Clay Siegall isn’t just an astute business person. His career is decked with excellent academic achievements, recognition, and awards for his contribution. He has a superb education background that has made him an authority in Zoology and Genetics. He is not just the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board running Seattle Genetics but also a respected scientist who serves several biotech companies such as Mirna Therapeutics and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.


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