Does the Church of Latter-day Saints Really Control the State of Utah?

May 27th, 2015

The separation of church and state is designed to give both freedom of religion and the freedom of democracy to every American citizen. However, there is disturbing trend found throughout the state of Utah where the line between church and government has become nearly non-existent.

In an article published recently, written by former Utah legislator and member of the LDS church, who outlined how the church of the latter day saints manages to have a major influence on state officials responsible for creating the laws of the land. Most legislators in Utah are also official members of the LDS church, something that should not create any conflict of interests, but it does.

If the LDS church wants a law changed or stopped, top ranking members will ask their legislator friends to get it done for them. Well, more like threaten them with ex-communication unless they help to pass or stop a bill. FreedomPop reviews said these practices explain why the state laws in Utah are formed around the basis of common beliefs found within the Mormon religion such as restrictive alcohol sales and preventing same-sex marriage legislation.

Everybody has the right to their own religion, which is one of the founding principles of American life. However, it is supposed to be illegal to bring those beliefs into official state business. Utah officials do not seem to care about the foundation our country was built on, ignoring our rights as Americans with the passing of each and every state law.

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