Desiree Perez Presents Tidal in a New Light

February 18th, 2017

Tidal is gaining a lot of exposure, and there is one person that Jay-Z has to thank for that. This person is Desiree Perez. She has proven that she has the ability to negotiate the contract and get the right players in place to make this a wonderful streaming service.


Desiree and Jay-Z are not new working partners. They have a friendship that extends over the course of many years. This was a good thing for Jay-Z because he has been able to see the work ethic and all of the success that Desiree Perez has had in her other business ventures. He knew without the shadow of a doubt that she would be the one that could take Tidal to a new level. He has had other people in positions of power at Tidal, but none of them have made the type of moves that Desiree Perez has made. She has been the force that has allowed Tidal to be recognized as one of the better music streaming services out there. The CEO of Sprint has even taken notice of this company and has invested 33% in funding with the Tidal organization. This is a huge accomplishment for Jay-Z and Desiree Perez. It is just something that proves that their teamwork has been invaluable in gaining Tidal customers.  Based on



Anyone that may have doubted Tidal in the past is clearly going to see this company in a different light. It is the type of music streaming service that presents high fidelity music that has a higher quality than some of the other streaming services out there. This will be the thing that Sprint will utilize to lower more customers to this Tidal app. There are so many possibilities that exist now that Sprint has invested into this music streaming service.

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