David McDonald Scales OSI Group Globally

September 10th, 2017

David McDonald serves as the President of OSI Group, a leading global food supplier with internationally recognized brands. He joined the company over three decades ago and contributed significantly towards its tremendous growth. OSI Group’s initial vision remains the same and commits to delivering unmatched products and services. Its core value is to meet and exceed the expectation of customers. With OSI Group, every customer must remain patient. Here, you can be flexible with all solutions that they offer. Interestingly, OSI Group looks at the big picture before formulating strategies establishing relationships.

OSI Group attributes its success to the ability to create dynamic yet conservative partnerships. Each of OSI Group’s partners has a thorough knowledge of the company’s culture and business practices. Every partner closely relates with customers in their specific region. That has allowed OSI Group to establish concrete balance that influences expenditures and the decision-making process. Building dynamic and successful partnerships allow David McDonald to scale OSI Group globally.

The cornerstone of OSI Group’s success in China is the ability to establish long-term partnerships with the locals. That has helped the company to address the needs of the local Chinese market. According to David McDonald, flexibility plays a significant role in the local Chinese market. Here, OSI Group strives to remain faithful to work ethic, deliver high-quality products, and comprehend the Chinese culture. While it took time, local Chinese markets can now trust OSI Group to listen to their needs. Led by David McDonald, OSI Group has invested personal time to gain customer trust.

About David McDonald

David McDonald acted as the Project Manager of OSI Industries before making his way up as the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer. Besides, he sits on the board of North American Meat Institute. Since December 2008 after OSI Group acquired Marfrig Global Foods’ operations in Europe and Brazil, David McDonald has been its independent Director. He serves as a Director on OSI Group’s Board of Directors as well as Director of OSI International Foods in Australia. He went to the Iowa State University where he earned a degree in Animal Science.

About David McDonald OSI Group: inspirery.com/david-mcdonald/

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