David Giertz Advises On Meaningful Retirement Planning

December 6th, 2017

David Giertz is the President of Nationwide Financials sales and distribution organization. He has over 31 years of expertise in the financial services industry in which he has continuously leveraged processes, strategy and innovation aimed at building profitable growth. Giertz is a holder of an MBA from the University of Miami and a BS from the University of Millikin.

David started his work at Nationwide in 1999 as the Regional Vice President based in Miami, FL. He successfully improved the revenue in the Southeast Territory by 48%. Prior to 1999, he spent a 10 years at Citigroup. He started working as a Financial Services Advisor and saw himself been promoted continuously to working as the Executive Vice President of sales.

His take

David Giertz advises that one should be prepared for life after retirement. People should desist from rushing into early retirement without having prepared themselves with the crucial facts needed to go through it smoothly.

To prepare for retirement, the following questions are necessary:

 How does one secure a financially reliable retirement?

 Is investment the ticket to financial freedom?

 Does one have sufficient money for retirement?

 Which is the perfect retirement plan for an individual?

 How does one go about investing?

This questions aid as a kick start for the perfect retirement journey. Since they help to bring into the picture a fact that one needs enough money to last him/her the whole period. This can best be achieved by considering other income generating options before one retires.

David Giertz insists that it is important to plan for retirement early enough. This will help eliminate the chances of getting into a predicament when the time reaches. Investing and saving are good ways of ensuring that one will be financially stable even after retiring. However, one should consider keenly to do it perfectly.

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