Creative and Experienced Brian Mulligan

September 12th, 2015

A company which wants to grow its competitive edge will need something beyond the capacity in terms of machines and office facilities. The one crucial requirement is the human resource. Within the human resource there is need to have a leader. With the many definitions of a leader, Brian Mulligan has emerged as a creative and skillful expert. He has held many positions of leadership in multinational media houses. His tact in the entertainment and financial world which has attracted many honors has also been highly coveted.Here now is a summary of what he has done over the years.

Leadership positions

It is amazing that in his 30 years as a career person he has held a number of positions. This includes being the Executive Vice President in the Strategic Planning and Corporate Development, Universal. In the FOX Broadcasting and Cable he has been the chairperson. He has also been a CEO plus a COO and CFO. In the Universal Pictures he has been a Co-Chairman while in the Universal Television he has been a CEO. In such great media houses, the trust put in him has been incredible because of his ability to work smart and deliver the right services.

In 1999, he held the position of a chairperson in the Universal Motion Picture Group. In 1999, he also worked with the Universal Studios, Inc. While working with Universal Studios Inc. he was entrusted with positions like the Executive President. He was also in charge of Finance and Operations.In 2002, he also served with the Ascent Media Group as a Director. Before joining the Brooknol Advisors, he served in at the Cerberus Capital Management as a senior Executive Director.

Mulligan love for sports

As a media and entertainment wizard, Mulligan has not been left out in writing and commenting about sports. He has remained as a sports expert where his opinion has been highly sought after. He is a strong believer that volunteering will do a great favor to those who would love to expand their career in sports. Over the years, mulligan has been a coach of the youth tackle football. Preciously he also worked in the youth basketball games a commissioner.

Charitable Mulligan

Mulligan has also been involved in many charity activities which have branded him as a lover of community development.He has been involved in initiatives like the ‘A Better LA’ which raised money for schools. This has seen him boost the life of youths and empower them in finances and entertainment.

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