Competitive Advantages Of BMG Bank

October 22nd, 2015

With a pioneering and long history, BMG has a firm expertise of all features in its operations. And due to this, there are several benefits from the competitive advantage procedures that make them stand out in the industry.
MBG has strong and tradition brand name recognition. With more than 80 years of steady performance in the financial industry, BMG is a top leader in the credit market in Brazil, working with financial intuitions and individuals, as well as organizations in the private and public sectors, giving loans through the payroll credit card, home equity loans, financing used vehicles, and the provision of finances for large and medium companies.
BMG has a conventional risk profile. It has a conservative and strict credit policy that is continually revised to make sure it meets the conditions of the market. Additionally, this bank offers effective procedures of assessment, control and formalization to guarantee its security and agility.
The culture at BMG is pioneering as well as entrepreneurial. All through its history, the bank has developed a pioneering and entrepreneurial culture. Being among the first financial organizations to provide payroll loans to pensioner, retirees and public employees in the Brazilian Social Security System (INSS), it launched various fresh products like the payroll credit card, investment in technological advancements and developing its own systems and platforms that have become benchmarks in the market, and seeking structures for funding suitable to its quality profile.
BMG has intentionally decided to come up with firm, corporate governance techniques, so as to professionalize the management, add to the sustainability of the business and draw more investments. Amongst the initiatives of the bank’s good performances is creating a board of directors with 40% of its members being independent, with the inclusion of the president; a strategic and active investor relations department, independent internal audit department, ensuring effective and fast service.
The above mentioned are some of the competitive advantages of the BMG Bank that have enabled it to stay afloat of competition and become among the number one banks in Brazil.
Marcio Alaor is the Vice President at Banco BMG.He constitutes part of the board of directors members as well. Mr. Alaor has been Vice Chair stating 2004 though he has worked with the bank since 1977. Marcio helped BMG center more on payroll loans from 1990s. his management at BMG has made the bank the best financial institution in Brazil.

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