Coffee Companies: Great Leading Companies Nowadays

December 3rd, 2015

Coffee helps us a lot during weekdays. These past years, coffee has been growing in popularity. Consuming coffee has become a tradition due to the heavy consumption. Coffee is suitable with various circumstances; working, thirsty, tensed, sleepy or even when you are absolutely bored. It might be the first thing we think of. There are a lot of coffee companies nowadays. Let’s shift our focus to the great coffee companies that made the brilliant coffee.


Who has never heard about Starbucks? Everybody knows Starbucks. The first Starbucks was opened in 1971, and it has been a coffee company until now. Back then, there were only one Starbucks store in Historic Pike Place Market, which is located in Seattle. The name itself was inspired by Moby Dick. The coffee from Starbucks is famous for being very delightful as well as creative in terms of taste.

They also offer pastries and premium teas, as well as everything that goes with the coffeehouse experience. The stores are decorated and designed nicely so that it is comfortable for the customers.

Organo Gold

The Empower Network had nothing but positive things to say about ORGANO™ , which was founded in 2008, specifically in Richmond, B.C., Canada. It started with a small shop, with only three employees. In two years, ORGANO™ succeeded to be one of the top growing Network Marketing companies. Nowadays, they are operating in more than 35 countries. One of the secrets of their success—besides the incredible line of products—is their CEO and founder, Bernardo Chua.

LinkedIn says that Bernardo T. Chua was born in the Philippines. He has worked in multi-level marketing for years. Chua was the one who founded ORGANO™. When he founded the company, he was a successful businessman already. His vision is to bring Ganoderma, an ancient Chinese herb, to the rest of the world.  Something that he’s mentioned on his Facebook, and their recent expansion into Turkey is proof positive of that mission.

Van Houtte

This company was initiated by Albert-Louis Van Houtte. As Canada’s top-selling premium brand, Van Houtte is highly appreciated by the customers. They also have high consumer awareness. The history of Van Houtte has been there for over 90 years. Years of experiences and innovations have helped this company to be preferred over other leading international espresso brands when taste-blind tests were conducted. This proved that Van Houtte is one of the leaders in terms of taste and quality.


Those were some of the great coffee companies. All of them had various beginnings, and they developed differently. However, now they are competing in the same market. There are a lot of other great coffee companies in the world that are competing to be on their spot.

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