Class Dojo Is Building A Better Educational System

February 15th, 2018

Class Dojo has been on a long and dedicated mission to improve the world of education through their groundbreaking learning tool. There are many tools out there for education, but none of them focus on communication in the same way that Class Dojo does. Sam Choudhary and Liam Don, co-founders of Class Dojo, created their company because they wanted to address the lacking standards that were, unfortunately, becoming the standard in schools today. Class Dojo is capable of vastly improving the communication levels between parents, students and teachers with a simple and easy to use app. More than two-thirds of all schools in the country have seen some form of Class Dojo use, making this one of the fastest growing educational platforms of the age.

Sam and Liam know how important it is for students to have the cooperation of their parents. This communication is key to a students development, and not just within the school parameter. Class Dojo was designed to be highly accessible by all people of all ages, which is why it supports a variety of languages and is capable of running on nearly all smart devices, including tablets and laptops. All one needs to join in on the fun is an invitation from a classroom teacher and joining the Class storyboard is simple from there on. Since the platform is free to use, there is no need for sensitive information to be put in and there is no risk of someone else gaining this information.

Successfully connecting students, parents, and teachers since 2011, Class Dojo has been expanding greatly since first launching. Their quick success has allowed them to reach classrooms all over the country and build a more positive community in schooling. The Class Dojo platform will allow students to stay connected to their classrooms storyboard as well, which lets them share experiences in class, stories, notes, videos and more, under the moderation of their teacher. As Class Dojo continues to grow, more schools around the country and even the globe will have access to greater communication and a stronger foundation for successful learning.

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