Chef Ponstay’s Remarkable Work At Brian Bonar’s Restaurant, The Bellamy’s

April 18th, 2016

The ambiance and serenity of the hills of Escondito makes Chef Patrick Ponstay think of home. The native of Touluse, France has done a wonderful job of transforming The Ranch, which is located at Bandy Canyon.

He has turned the haven for events into a dining destination similar to the gites of France. Ponstay has achieved much success while catering for Bellamy’s, a downtown Escondito restaurant. It is made of a fascinating 1880’s adobe structure.

The property was remade as a sanctuary for farm driven cooking. Ponstay’s assortment of vintage Armagnac as well as a refined menu coupled with his lyrical cooking is hosted at this property.

Ponstay has offers excellent services similar to those provided by Keller. His abilities saw his earn the high-status of Meilleurs Ouvrier de France title in 2012. He is second person to earn the distinction in S.D and tenth in California. Chef Ponstay’s presence at Bellamy’s has played a key role in helping The Ranch take shape. With a couple of redesigns, Bellamy’s is currently a place where people can enjoy different delicacies.

The impeccable menu has contributed to the success experienced at Bellamy’s. Some of the easy to get meals are local mushrooms and sea scallops offered in a lightly scented carpaccio, quenelle of magenta hued farm beet sorbet accompanied by watercress filaments and a disk of goat cheese. In addition, one will find a duck sauvage, Spanish hare, wild boar, cherry spiked glateu as well as gentle caneles from Bordeaux and a plenty of other French cuisines.

Ponstay’s classic cooking abilities defined his time at El Bizcocho. During this period, Ponstay guided wonder kid, Gaving Kaysen. He coached him to rank third in the world during the National Trophy of Cuisine and Pastry, which was held in Paris.

Renowned business executive, Brian Bonar, owns Bellamy’s. Owing to his busy schedule, Bonar has delegated the day-to-day running of the business to his stepdaughter, Gianna Pickens, a great fan of Ponstay. San Diego Magazine says that under Brian Bonar’s leadership, Bellamy’s now fits well with the culture and style of the city. In the recent past, Bellamy’s has had a great impact in the area.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a successful financial executive having a strong record of accomplishment in financial undertakings. He has held senior positions in multiple firms. Brian has co-founded a number of leading companies. Currently, he is a director at Dalrada Financial Corporation, a firm he has served in different capacities since the early 1990s.

Apart from Dalrada, Brian Bonar has also worked at Bezier Systems Inc, Rastek Corporation, Adaptec Inc. and QMS Inc. Additionally, Brian has worked with IBM, UK for over 17 years. Brian Bonar is one of the most experienced finance managers in the globe.

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