Career History of Cassio Audi

April 21st, 2017

When you think of Brazilian Investment Management, it is obvious the name of a successful investment manager Cassio Audi will come onboard. It is because of his numerous successes in the many companies that he has worked with them. Audi has been in the financial management business for over 23 years. Throughout his life, Cassio Audi has worked with various firms and institutions and has continuously gained experience in finance within the public and private companies, private equity funds, start-ups, global multi-billion dollar organizations, and turn-around cases.

Through his journey, Cassio Audi has proved the ability to streamline business operations to increase profitability and efficiency to drive growth. In addition to change management and productivity improvements, he has high qualifications in implementing and developing financial processes and controls. He possesses solid leadership, interpersonal and communication skills for rapport level with all management and staff.

He has worked as Chief Financial Officer in various companies like Brookfield Brasil Real Estate Partners Inc, where he used to work for two years, Rossi Residencial for five years, GVMI for four years where he also held the managing director position and many more companies.

If you hire financial management personnel, there are chances that your business will take a new dimension in the way it grows. People like Cassio Audi, have the potential of making your business get to heights you did not know about it. There are numerous benefits of having like-minded people leading your staff. In one way of the other, you will be able to make financial progress and investment strategies that will bring your company to the leading spotlights.

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