Bullying Goes Viral

December 8th, 2014

The name Kevin Smith is associated with many words: talented, comic books, geek. As a writer, director and actor of many of his films in the 90’s, Kevin Smith made quite the name for himself. In recent years, his friend Mark Ahn says that his focus has been on television and his podcast network. While he does still release movies, he has become much less prolific than he was in the past.

While doing his New York Super Week/New York Comic-Con special fan event, Smith ran into a young cosplayer dressed as the Marvel Comics’ superhero Daredevil. After taking a pic with the adorable little girl, Kevin Smith shared it on his social networks.

“You’re fat, probably smelly,” the Facebook user begins. “You haven’t done anything worthwhile in years, you’ve been cruising on past endeavors,” the user continues. Finally, they end their rant with, “and I bet your wife is going to leave you soon.”

These words of hate, from a complete stranger, actually did a number on Smith. At one point, he even called up his wife to ask if she was going to leave him. Even though she simply told him to “Grow Up,” the whole incident made Smith question who he is.


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  1. Falina Jonah says:

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