Bringing Michael Jackson Back To Life With Sergio Cortes Impersonation

November 21st, 2015

Michael Jackson was a world famous icon who’s impression was left on everyone who loved and can remember his special talents such as dancing and singing with a voice unlike no other. Some would refer to him as the “King Of Pop” because he was loved so dearly. There have been several famous celebrities who have wanted to dress and try to sing like Michael Jackson by doing impersonations of him as well as other people who have decided to bring back these special memories by impersonating Michael too with the look and sound. One of these creative men is named Sergio Cortes. This great impersonator was born in a place called Barcelona, and that is where he was raised up as a child. Sergio Cortes is an extremely known and famous performer to the public of South America.

Sergio Cortes has audiences in disbelief because of all the major similarities he has to Michael Jackson especially the way that he looks to everyone. Most will do a double take because his appearance and demeanor are so much like what most remember of the pop star. He enjoys singing some of the chart topping tunes that were played on the radio stations at one time, and his dancing is unique because he takes special time to practice on his amazing skills of imitating Michael Jackson. His fan base is outstanding on the main social networks such as Facebook along with twitter including thousands of likes of people who follow him daily. Sergio also has a personalized web page that provides photos, latest news about him, dates of upcoming tours, and there will be some fun video clips to watch. There is a project that he has been developing which has been named the “Human Nature Live Show”.

This development will take place in Italy which will include background vocalists, backup dancers along side him, and plenty of musicians along with elaborate effects to the entire production. This would be a perfect time to take a trip to South America to see another vision of Michael live on stage singing audience favorites such as “Billie Jean’, and of course the song “Thriller” which will make the viewers want to dance themselves. Sergio Cortes is a pleasant entertainer to watch and experience with the uncanny resemblance to Michael so please check him out because it will be like Michael Jackson is performing live.

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