Brian Torchin: Leader in job solutions for the healthcare industry

September 28th, 2016

In an ever changing industry where jobs are hard to come by, one man set out to help others overcome the diffulties in finding healthcare related jobs. That man was Brian Torchin. He saw an issue that needed change and set forward to fix this unwavering need for healthcare professionals to be placed in meaningful jobs.

Brian Torchin, a practicing chiropractor himself, knew the difficulties of finding employment and staffing a healthcare practice. With this knowledge, he set out to help other healthcare professional find employment and staff their practices with individuals that met their needs.

 Brian Torchin has been referred to a detailed oriented person with a generous personality. He has a positive outlook on the world, even with the economy faltering. He follows a mantra that is focused on building and maintaining long-term relationships with his clients.

After attending the Univerisity of Deleware, earning his Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Brian Torchin gained interest in the medical field. He went on to New York Chirpractic College and received his Chiropractic degree. 34 years later he’s still a practicing chiropractor.

According to Simply Hired, Brian Torchin has changed the face of the healthcare industry by helping others find employment. It was through seeing the flaws of obtaining jobs in the healthcare industry that made Healthcare Recruitment Counselors possible. He saw how he could change the industry and help others gain meaningful employment, and set out to make a difference.

Without the dedication that Brian Torchin put into not only his practice, but into helping others, many would still face the diffulties in finding employment or staffing their practices with professionals that suited their needs.

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