Brian Bonar has it all when it comes to financial leadership

July 8th, 2017

Finance executives are people who share almost the same character. Apparently, one does not become an executive just because of hard skills or impressive investment resume or expert experiences. It takes more, and that is why a financial professional cannot be able to direct a company to a stable direction if he or she does not possess the right skills; professional makeup is necessary. In addition to professional makeup, personal attitude towards financial sector determines how effectively will manage a company. Being versatile is also crucial because different companies handle their work differently or have different cultures. For these and a lot of other reasons, most companies will assess a potential financial executive based on the personality traits.

Brian Bonar is a good example of a financial executive who portrays the importance of personality traits from his vast experience as an expert management in financial and culinary sectors. He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corp. whereby has been supervising and overseeing company’s operations. These operations include managing aftermarket goods and employee benefits for clients who need employee products. Other services offered by the company include promotional and business management services, financial management and risk management insurance. Bonar has also been able to portray his experience in the financial sector through Imaging Technologies Corporation where he has been serving as the CEO. The company develops color management software and also provides digital imaging hardware as part of their services. Under Bonar’s control, the company has transformed from being a developer to a marketing company. He relied on investment on strategic acquisition which helped the company to begin providing goods and services which mean they got a broader market. Bonar has gained incredible experience as a finance executive, and this gives his career a solid foundation to assist different companies in the industry succeed. He possesses incomparable personal traits and applies excellent ideologies in everything he does which are some of his strengths reinforced by his rich academic background.

About Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a prominent finance executive working at Dalrada Financial Corp and Trucept Inc. as the CEO. He has great skills in developing sales and marketing strategies, lead generation and process improvement. He is also a mastermind in mergers and acquisitions, development of new businesses and ability to find venture capital. His career started at IBM where he was serving as the procurement manager responsible for getting motherboards for the computers produced by the company. He has also worked for other companies such as QMS as a director of engineering, Rastek Corporation as sales and marketing vice president, Adaptec as a sales manager and Bezier Systems as the CEO. Bonar has been taking different challenges from these companies, and all this helped him to build who he is today. Also visit his Facebook profile :

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