Brian Bonar Builds New Ideas For Financial Industry

July 9th, 2017

Brian Bonar has been working gin the financial and culinary industries for almost 30 years now. During this time, he has proven himself to be a capable financial executive and he works hard to oversee his company, Dalrada Financial Corporation. He covers tasks such as risk management advice, employee benefits, and financial management for the companies that Dalrada services. Mr. Bonar is also the CEO at Imaging Technologis Corporation. During his time at this company, he has managed to lead the company into being a marketing organization. He also also expanded the company’s touch and now they are able to provide services to a wider range of clients. The company is also now able to provide detailed administrative services to its clients and become for available through the market. Without Mr. Bonar, this could not have been accomplished. His success can be attributed to his education and his belief in a more flexible and understanding type of leadership. He works hard to create personal relationships with all his employees.

Mr. Bonar attended the James Watt Technical College and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. After that, he was accepted into Stafford University and it was there that he earned a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. He used his background in engineering to successful move into the financial world and build upon his many successes. As an impressive financial executive, Mr. Bonar is known for his innovative sales ideas as well his ability to market products strategically. This has led to the improvement of processing and lead generation. He finds that he is most success in regard to mergers and acquisitions as well as identifying potential venture capital. He has also been successful in business development and works as a financial advisor to many different companies.

He started working as the procurement manager as IBM, were they outsourced keyboards that were used for the other computers that the company produced. Then Mr. Bonar worked as QMS as their Director of Engineering. He in charge of over 100 engineers that worked in software and hardware production and development and the team thrived under his leadership. Mr. Bonar then went over to Rastek when he was offered a position as their Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He also worked internationally with Korean and Japanese companies during his time as the sales manager for Adaptec. It was around this time that Mr. Bonar founded his own company, which would come to be known as Bezier Systems. He was also the CEO and Chairman of Dalrada Financial Services, which was another company that he was responsible for creating. He was very well respected at Dalrada and considered to be a highly esteemed employee at the company.

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