Brazilian Literature and it’s Authors

August 31st, 2015

Brazil is an incredible country with has been blessed with just as important and incredible writers and literature. Brazil’s history in writing was established by the vast array of people that live and travel through the country. Writers use varying techniques to create fascinating stories based on life in Brazil as well as fictional based writing. Brazil’s rich history both before and after the occupation of Portugal has contributed to these stories and culture of writing.

Brazil has a fascinating history of writers; one of the greatest of the nineteenth century is Jose De Alencar, who wrote Iracema. This is a short romance, which describes the origins of Brazil with a love story between a colonist and Indian. This story focuses on the deaths of the indigenous population by the Portuguese when they first colonized the lands and the love story that is intertwined.

Machado De Assis is widely considered one of the best Brazilian writers to have ever lived, he wrote many romantic novels with strong characters and tells of life in Brazil in the nineteenth century. One of his most notable pieces of work is Don Casmurro, but he is credited with many novels and short stories, a vast amount of which have been translated to English.

Brazil does not only have a rich history of writers but has many up and coming authors that are gaining in popularity. One of these is Jaime Garcia Dias, he is a native of Brazil and has become and ever present figure in the literature world of Brazil. He won the White Crane Award in 2001 and most recently the Award of Brazil Literature Prize. He is credited with over 20 books in the fiction realm and has many years left of writing in his lifetime. Besides Writing Dias has also enjoyed a successful career in education, he was a teacher at Carioca Literature Academy for five years.

When discussing Brazilian literature it is hard not to mention the influences of Mario De Andrade, considered on of the founders of Brazilian Modernism. He has written a plethora of poems, with one of his masterpieces being Macunaima.

As you can see from Twitter, Brazil has had a fantastic history of literature that is popular throughout the world and will continue to have an impact in the future.

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    I know that besides writing Dias has also enjoyed a successful career in education. Which is the coolest thing to do at that time. Even the best essay in the world will not match what se said on that day.

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