Billing For Treatment

December 22nd, 2014


 There are about 20% of citizens who are involved in debt collection processes. When a bill is sent, some people might not understand what is really owed and what insurance has already covered. There are treatments that cost more than a normal visit, and these treatments might not be covered by insurance. When someone gets a bill, they might think that they have time to pay it or that it won’t do anything to the credit report. However, medical bills that are left unpaid can bring down the credit score. It might not be by a lot, but it’s enough to make it noticeable. Sadly, a medical bill for treatment is sometimes the only way that people can get the help that they need. Brazilian businessman, Igor Cornelsen tweeted his opinion on this major ongoing issue, saying that finding a solution to such a complex situation presents significant challenge.

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  1. Faith Linn says:

    There are millions of people in America who have medical bills that are unpaid. This is no surprise as many people go to emergency rooms, get the treatment they need and request a bill to be sent to their home. There are really things that do to make sure that everything is working so hard to ensure nothing bad happens.

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