Beneful’s Adjustments to Meet the Consumers’ Requirements.

May 12th, 2016

Feeding pets with food that contains more familiar ingredients is a current twitter trend for most dog owners since most people view their pets as family members and want them to have food similar to that of humans. Beneful dog food is one of the top selling brands on Wal-Mart that are being keenly observed by the consumers. It was introduced in 2001 by the Nestle Purina PetCare and more than 14 million dogs feed on it annually. The dog food contains propylene glycol, which is approved by the FDA but has however been regularly confused by bloggers for a poisonous antifreeze agent know as ethylene glycol. The brand has also been thought to contain mycotoxins, which are however allowed at a minimum level by the European Union and FDA since they are present in agricultural products and cause negligible harm to human and pet health.

The issues about the Beneful brand have been raised in a class lawsuit against Nestle Purina, but there are no veterinary reports or lab results that have been produced as evidence to show that the feeds are unsafe for consumption. Close to thirty percent of plaintiffs have withdrawn from the lawsuit. The Beneful brand has reformulated their dog food to make new types of feeds that will be released on 9th May to satisfy customer requirements. The feeds will contain new recipes in all its eight dog foods of which, seven that include meat will have real meats as the main ingredient and the Original( with Real Salmon’s first part will be real salmon. The brand’s products will no longer contain dyes and propylene glycol but will instead have vegetable-based glycerin and natural beef to increase palatability.

The reformulated feeds have been tested with volunteer families and proven to be fit for consumption. Beneful feeds that are sold to the consumers are of a high quality and in the case of a problem, a voluntary recall is requested. Purina has an active safety and quality control system whereby, 30,000 quality inspections are carried out on its products in every regular 24 hours. The company has shown their ability to satisfy the consumer’s requirements by making necessary adjustments in their products. products will become the cheapest and most available dog food that has real meat as its main ingredient due to the new changes.


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