Beneful Dog Treats Are High Quality Snacks That Dogs Love To Eat

May 7th, 2017

In addition to producing one of the world’s most popular brands of dog foods, Beneful offers an appealing line of dog treats that dogs of all ages like to eat.

A new type of dog treat from Beneful called Break-N-Bites features bars of chicken or beef-flavored goodness that can be broken apart into bite-sized pieces. As with all of the other Beneful products, these snacks are made with high quality, healthy ingredients.

Chicken and sweet potato flavored Break-N-Bites are available in both tender and crunchy varieties. Tender beef, apples, and barley flavored Break-N-Bites are another flavorful option offered for hungry dogs from Beneful.

Although dogs just love the flavors and textures provided in the Beneful Break-N-Bites, these dog treats do not contain many calories.

The tender chicken and sweet potato Break-N-Bites contain just nine calories per square, as do the beef, apple and barley dog treats. Each square of the crunchy chicken Break-N-Bites contains only 22 calories.

Another popular type of Beneful dog treats is the line of Baked Delights snacks. These snacks consist of little nuggets of peanut butter and cheese, shortbread cookies filled with apple and bacon, star-shaped snacks filled with cheese and bacon, and shortbread cookies with bacon and cheese.

The Baked Delights line of dog treats from Beneful is also fairly low in calories, with each piece containing an average of 20 to 25 calories.

No matter what type of Beneful dog treats you choose to reward your dog with, you can rest assured that your best friend will be eating tasty, high quality foods.

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