Avoid These Common Wikipedia Editing Mistakes

August 17th, 2015

Editing Wikipedia quite literally takes ‘a village’. In order to keep the online encyclopedia on the cutting edge of the latest news Wikipedia allows thousands of volunteers to manage the content of their website. In doing so get onto Wikipedia gains access to information posted on a constant basis with updates coming in every minute. Since 2002 when the encyclopedia was established, Wikipedia has grown into one of the most prominent sources of information in the world. In order to keep its spot as a leading vendor of info, Wikipedia has to enforce fairly strict rules that require editors to closely adhere to them in order to stay in good standing with the team. There are a whole bunch of mistakes that new editors make, the following are just the most common.

Adhere to the neutral point of view.
The most common mistake that new editors make when beginning their journey on Wikipedia is that they forget to remain neutral. So often writers are encouraged to embrace their opinions and use them as fuel to make their writing leap off of the page. At Wikipedia the goal is to present information without being weighed down or altered by any obvious author biases. Wikipedia authors are encouraged to avoid approaching subjects that they cannot remain neutral on and will have their work edited or deleted if they cannot adhere to this rule.

Follow all citation regulations.
In order to get content approved on Wikipedia, authors must present proper citations for their articles. This means that authors must find reputable resources that can be attributed to their work. Scholarly journals, published magazines, and government websites all lead the list of acceptable citations. These citations must be both valid and timeless due to the longevity that Wikipedia anticipates having. Out of date citations are a red flag when working on an article and can be grounds for an article deletion.

Avoid writing isolated content.
Wikipedia pushes traffic throughout the entirety of the website by focusing on networked content that is cross linked together. Isolated content, articles that don’t connect to anything else, represent islands where data is wasted and readers don’t come across the information that they are looking for. Before submitting an isolated article writers should shift through the Wikipedia in order to see if there is another way to connect the connect with pre-existing information. Doing this can save time and effort for the writer.

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