Autistic Man With a Passion for Weather Posts his Own Weather Reports

January 29th, 2015

Frankie MacDonald, a young autistic man living in Cape Breton, has a passion for weather. He began posting videos of himself giving meteorological forecasts and advice on how to stay warm on a website he built himself and it caught the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s attention.

Frankie’s personally-produced weather shows generated buzz not only in his hometown, but became a sensation on the Internet. Frankie generated tens of thousands of views for his weather videos and caught the attention of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), who recently did a segment on Frankie’s passion for weather.

MacDonald said that he posts to his Youtube channel and Twitter page daily and learns about incoming storm fronts from tracking different weather centers around the globe. He watches weather on TV and then makes his own weather reports around his hometown.

Brian Torchin recently checked it out and found that one of Frankie’s videos is close to reaching 100,000 views.

Despite the successes, Frankie MacDonald has received rude and hateful comments about his autism. His aunt, Frankie’s caretaker, tries to correct people every time she hears something insensitive.

But the comments don’t stop Frankie. CBC anchors congratulated him on a job well done and for his passion for the weather.

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