Andy Wirth and the Flight to Adventure

August 3rd, 2016

When people think of adventure it’s usually in a very visceral way. It’s something that people think of as an in the moment type of thing. Very much about living a dream rather than musing upon it.

But while understandable, it often dismisses the very real contributions that people make behind the scenes. In today’s very urban and very sedentary culture it takes a surprisingly large amount of work to create the wonderful adventures in nature that so many people love. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

And this is why one should step back and look at the recent news about a man by the name of Andy Wirth. Wirth was recently named the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. But this rather dry statement does little to convey the extent of the appointment.

And it hardly hints at the real significance of Andy Wirth himself taking on the role. The first thing to understand is that the board is mainly concerned with getting people to actually use the infrastructure that’s already in place. They’re not laying out any grand architectural plans which will sit untouched for years. Instead they’re merely making a suggestion that people take advantage of transit methods that are already in place.

The board is simply tasked with showing people the vast beauty and wonder of the area. And of course showcasing how they can fly out to experience it themselves at any time. But this is also why Wirth’s appointment is so important. Andy Wirth is known to locals as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski. But people outside of the area know him for quite a few different reasons.

Non-locals might know him because of the publicity he’s managed to garner for Squaw Valley. Other people might know him as the death defying CEO who pushed himself to the limits of human endurance when recovering from a skydiving accident. But both of these illustrate one of the most notable things about Wirth.

He loves the natural world, and he’s adamant that everyone else should have a chance to experience that beauty and adventure. He’s put that principle into effect in his own business life. And he’s working on bringing those principles to his new position as well.

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