American Evangelist Franklin Graham Believes Companies That Support LGBT Promote Sinners

June 10th, 2015

Graham Pulled His Money Out Of Wells Fargo Bank Because The Bank Is Using A Same Sex Couple In Their Advertising

Another Christian Evangelist is showing how unchristian, Christians can be. Franklin Graham is taking his Christian donations out of Wells Fargo Bank because he believes the bank stands against God’s law. Well Fargo used a same sex couple in their advertising, and that prompted Graham to say that the bank promoted sinners. All bank accounts associated with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association have been closed at Wells Fargo banks.

Keith Mann agrees that the hatred that emulates from Christian organizations around the country is a very telling sign. Some Christians have just as much hatred in them as some Muslims. We call those Muslims radical terrorists, but are Christians any different? Sure. Christians don’t strap bombs to their body or kill innocent people with weapons, but they do destroy the dignity of their fellow Christians. Radical Christians belittle, berate, and abuse people that don’t conform to their concept of Christianity. Radical Muslims do the same thing.

The mission to prove what God thinks has to stop. Our version of sin has nothing to do with God. Sin is an association attached to a human belief. Nothing more.

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