Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler: The Men Behind Techstyle

October 13th, 2017

Numerous individuals around the world own businesses while others are just participants. On the other hand, there are those individuals who take a business idea head on and go to the job market not afraid of the risks. For them, the passion that is inside them, which drives them is what is pertinent, and that is why they become entrepreneurs. Such individuals include; Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. These two are just amazing, and their journey to success is encouraging.

By the age of 15, Adam had a gaming website by the name Gamers Alliance. In 1999, this site was bought by intermix, a move that saw him drop out of school. When he became 20, he became the president of the operating officer. On the other hand, Don’s story was also similar in a way, his website, which he used to raise money online for organizations was purchased by Intermix in 2011. This is how he moved to intermix.

These two became great friends and in 2006, they founded intelligent beauty, which is an e-commerce organization. It is through their various experiences here that they slowly began to delve into the fashion industry as they had in mind what consumers wanted.

Don and Adam took advantage of technology. With the modern times, a lot of people look up on the internet for what they want for easy accessibility. Therefore, they founded Techstyle with its first organization being JustFab. JustFab gave its members athletic garments and accessories monthly. The main aim behind the idea is to give members a sense of confidence when they step out in their clothes. Also, know how to accessorize to accentuate their style. Their funders, Matrix partners, funded both intelligent beauty and JustFab. This symbolized that they too had faith in this business venture. With the availability of capital, JustFab became Techstyle after it’s rebranding as a result of mixing fashion and technology to be one.

Techstyle has been that place that gives security to many people. It is not only made for making money but also helping people. With the help they offer, be it going to the gym or dancing, no matter what size someone is their style wraps up confidence. Also, Don and Adam are known to help people from low-income families by holding balls to at least give them opportunities to get clothes for their prom. From what these two are doing, it is evident that success is their plate and they are going places.

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