A Rare and Fine Wine Merchant

February 9th, 2015

The Antique Wine Company (AWC) is a famous wine merchant dealing with fine and rare wines and spirits. Established in 1989 by the current CEO Stephen Williams, the Antique Wine Company, based in Marylebone, London, boasts a client base of over 20,000, and currently operates in over 70 countries in the United Kingdom, Asian, Pan-European and North American markets. Since the start, the company has specialized in exceptionally fine wine and currently holds over 10,000 bottles of the world’s finest vintages in its cellars.

CEO and Founder of the Antique Wine Company

Stephen Williams, founder and chief executive officer of the Antique Wine Company beat all odds when he ventured into the wine business despite his poor background. The wine industry is expensive and often reserved only for the rich. Raised in Ripley, Derbyshire, Stephen Williams was the firstborn in a family of three. His mother was a hard working single mother who stopped at nothing to make ends meet. His father abandoned them when Williams was only ten years old. Despite his background, he went ahead to venture into the wine industry. Three decades later, his company, the Antique Wine Company is a famous wine merchant renowned world over. The success has been consistent. In 2010, the Antique Wine Company made a business turnover worth a staggering 20 million pounds! In the following year, the company received recognition as the best in producing rare and fine wines.

Product Range

The company’s vision is to produce a range of fine and rare vintage wines, which hold the capability of becoming future antiques. Regardless of the fact that the product range is mostly vintage, the company prides itself in trading only in exceptionally fine wine. The Antique Wine Company has received internal recognition for its expertise in the fine wine industry, with its stocks and services being in high demand. As an international fine wine commentator, the company often manages, advices, and supports excellent wine cellars such as those held in palaces and grand hotels. Due to its strong brand image, impressive physical headquarters in London, substantial stock holdings and well-cemented business and customer relationships, AWC is able to provide high standards of efficiency and first class customer relations. The company thus holds a unique competitive edge in the international fine wine industry.

Are you a wine enthusiast on the lookout for a wine company specialized in fine and rare wines? Look no further! The Antique Wine Company (AWC) is a leading fine wine merchant that has all your needs sorted!

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