A Look At Some Of The Features Of Class Dojo

August 3rd, 2017

Class Dojo is a free educational application. The goal of the app is to connect students, teachers and parents together to create a community in the classroom. There are several features in Class Dojo that allow students, teachers and parents/guardians to connect with each other and share their experiences. The app is primarily targeted at elementary to middle school students.

One of the features available on Class Dojo is a program called classroom. In this program on Class Dojo, the students and teachers both select a category that they would like to work on. With Class Dojo’s tracking features, both the student and the teacher can share progress that they make on achieving goals to improve creativity or teamwork for example. The classroom program helps foster a real bond between teachers and their pupils as they work together towards a common goal.

Another feature available in Class Dojo is called stories. The stories program is like a live feed of updates coming from school administrators and teachers. There are three different story programs available on Class Dojo. One of the programs is school story, where school administrators can share updates and news to all parents of students in the school. It can be used to announce plays, sporting events special events and closings due to inclement weather.

Another story program in Class Dojo is the class story program. This program lets teachers share stories or live updates throughout the school day with every parent who has a child in their classroom. It can be used to announce and update parents on important classroom events and activities such as homework. The last stories program on Class Dojo is the student stories. This program lets a student create their own portfolio of experiences in the classroom. The student story is private and is only viewed by their parents and teacher.

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