December 4th, 2015

Life style is changing fast; modernity is setting in quickly requiring most people to spend an entire day seated in their offices or working stations. The exposure to technology like computers is also contributing to people spending most of their time seated. The wrong posture is a contributing factor to back pains that hinder the productivity of an individual. Unaware people ignore the consequences of bad posture; untreated back pains may progress to be chronic. The situation is worsened by lack of breaks within active working program adding the pain even further.
Regular exercises are significant in reducing back pains. With modern furniture built with a cost-effective design with little on or health consideration, it’s important to try sitting in a good posture as much as possible. Some optional exercises like walking, cycling, yoga and swimming are ideal for reducing back pains and neck stiffness. They are easy and do not necessarily require specialist supervision. It also recommended that before taking any physical exercises it’s important to see a doctor. He/ she will recommend the best exercises and the best way to do it.
Other than regular exercising, proper dieting is also significant in staying healthy. The way the meals are taken is also a contributing factor to good health. It’s recommended to have a healthy breakfast every morning. Breakfast is an essential meal of the body will spend an entire day active centrally to the many beliefs, avoiding taking breakfast and having a super heavy meal is counterproductive for weight losers. Also, it’s important to avoid consuming a lot of coffee. Excessive caffeine is bad for good health. It causes stomach disorder, impairs sleep and increased heart beat.
The advice from Dr. Sergio Cortés is important in maintaining a good healthy body. Sergio is a medical expert and the current secretary of health in the Brazilian state of RIO. Being a trained doctor in a relative political situation, Sergio is concerned with the health of his citizens. Over 53% of Brazil population is overweight. The state of Rio is the most affected with over 64% of that population from the state.He has achieved a lot in a span of few years

Source: Sergio Cortes Official Website

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