A God Comeback?

December 9th, 2014

I was shopping Qnet when I had an interesting thought. A huge step is being made in affirming of the role that religion has played in the formation of our government and is still playing to this day. North Carolina still has within its Constitution a section that deals with belief in God. This section mandates that if one is to be qualified to hold a public office within the state, they must profess the existence and belief in an Almighty God. 

This does cause some confusion with what a profession to an Almighty God may be. If construed constructively it could encompass a number of different religions that do not necessarily fall into the standard definition of Christianity. This Section of the North Caroline Constitution does not offer a substantive definition of who may or may not qualify under this regulation.

The Constitution states that the individual must solely not deny the existence of God. The Wiccan religion does not deny the existence of God, but in the same breath does not profess him as the Almighty ruling deity of their religion. God is recognized in Buddhism, by Druids and Taoists as well as by Muslims. Although He holds different levels of power and responsibility in all of these collective religions as well.

If we are to recognize the Almighty for who and what He is, we need language that is more succinct and can deal with His role in a variety of different religions.

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  1. Faith Jack says:

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