A Gift From The Internet: Lime Crime’s Online Store

July 1st, 2017

The internet is so amazing. From Skyping in to my sister’s wedding across the county, to getting to know mentors and role models through youtube, I have had countless life altering experiences that center around the magnificent online world. One of the most amazing things that I have discovered lately is a brand called Lime Crime, which totally embraces the digital age by bringing cosmetic related products to an online community. The brand’s funky website explains it all, but I will give you a bit of the scoop here as well.


This LA California-based company was founded by a make-up, self expression enthusiast who gained a following through online channels. Doe Deere put together her own brand, Lime Crime, and started to offer cosmetics to her tribe, and the rest is history. Lime Crime now has a loyal following of loving fans, and with good reason. The make-up products and hair-dyes that she and her team come up with are unlike any other. Bright whimsical colors are the name of the game.


The company states that their mission is to “revolutionize make-up” and they certainly are! Their other tag-line is “make-up for unicorns” and that says it well. The style is out-of this world color that is full of magic, playfulness, and whimsy. The current collection of products, “Mermaid” includes a metallic blue lipstick, called “mermaid’s grotto”, as well as a sparkly set of silver and bright blue brushes of all shapes and sizes, called “aquarium brushes”. And don’t forget about the hair! A part of the Mermaid’s collection is a selection of Unicorn Hair Dye, in shades like “salad” (vibrant lettuce green) and “pony” purple.


This new collection of products is for “real life mermaids”. You can see why I love this brand! They are bringing magic back into the world. Yes, they are revolutionizing make-up, but they are also revolutionizing the way we live our lives. This brand makes it possible to be out on the edge while still being here on earth living a day to day life. I love that the brand is vegan and cruelty free. I love many things about the internet, but this fun cosmetic online platform might be my current favorite!

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