A Forever Family for Davion

April 15th, 2015

October, 2013,Davion Only stood before a congregation in St. Petersburg Florida, and made a plea for a forever family.
Davion was 16 years old and had been in foster care since he was born. He had recently learned that his mom, who was in prison, had passed away. Davion told the church people that he know God had not given up on him so he would not be giving up either.
The plea Davion made went viral and it did not take long for the foster agency to receive more than 10,000 calls from people wanting to adopt him.
Davion’s case worker. Connie Going, believed Davion deserved to have a great family. Every year Davion asked Connie to adopt him, but she would decline. She believed there was a better family out there for him.
Davion went to live with a minister’s family for a short time. After he got into a physical fight with one of his soon-to-be siblings, the minister and his wife sent him back to Florida.
Davion lived in 4 different foster homes over the next year. Then he decided to call Connie Going and make a request. He asked Connie, once again, to adopt him and this time she agreed.
Folks at STX Entertainment are happy to know that Connie has known Davion since he was seven years old and later this month she will officially become his mother.

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